Activities and Attractions around Mannus & Tumbarumba

Bush walking

Plenty of beautiful walking tracks including the Hume and Hovell Walking Track, day walks to serious hikes…


Mannus Lake has plenty fish species including redfin, rainbow & brown trout, Murray cod, European perch and Goldern perch just to name a few

Mountain Biking

Around Tumbarumba is a cyclists dream with the “must-do” Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail.  Enduro tracks to leisurely bike rides – we have top class mountain bike trails to suit everyones needs

Hume and Hovel Walking Trail

The entire Hume and Hovell Track stretches 426 kilometres from Yass to Albury and retraces the footsteps of explorers Hamilton Hume and William Hovell on their expedition to Port Phillip in 1824.

Wine Tasting

Courabyra Wines, near Tumbarumba, is celebrating their success after winning the Australian Good Food Guide Reader’s Choice Award – Café for the Snowy Mountains region

Paddy River Falls Tumbarumba NSW

Paddy's River Falls

Paddy’s River Falls has long been a popular spot for locals and is becoming a must-see site for visitors. To get there, follow the Tooma Road from Tumbarumba for 18 kilometres as it meanders through the countryside.

Blueberry Picking

Chestnuts, blueberries, olive oil, raspberries, honey, beef, lamb, and, of course, apples are produced in and around the towns of the Snowy Valleys. Truffles, the rare and highly prized fungi, flourish in the cool climates of Tumbarumba and Batlow

Braymont Gardens Tumbarumba NSW

Braymont Gardens

Home of the massive hedge/tree church nestled in the vineyard with magnificent views of Round Mountain, Jagungal and Blackjack this six-acre Open Garden with 100 Manchuria Pear driveway was born on 15 August 2013.

Bird Watching

Mannus Lake is a top spot for bird watching.  With over 66 species observed it’s a twitchers paradise.  Swans, ducks, pigeon, moorhens, coots, lapwing, cormorants, heron, ibis, kites, eagles, cookatoos, honeyeaters, wagtails, fantails, fairywrens and so much more…

Tumba Fest Every February Tumbarumba Festival NSW

Tumbafest February

At the end of February each year, the Creekscape, in the park behind Tumbarumba’s main street comes alive for Tumbafest – a celebration of food, wine and music

Nest Cinema Cafe Books

Nest is a licensed cafe restaurant, boutique armchair cinema and beautiful bookstore with gifts and produce, all in one cosy space in the picturesque Snowy Valleys


At Ladbroken Distilling Co. they take pride in handcrafting a range of uniquely Australian spirits using locally grown produce.  The distillery tasting room is open for visitors on weekends and school holidays and offers a range of experiences including tastings, tours and workshops.